Welcome to Apex Predator Gecko (est 2011).

U.K keeper and breeder of a variety of New Caledonia Gecko.

We are a proud holder of the maximum 4★★★★ higher standards AAL Licence (AWL0257)

Mossy Gecko – Mniarogekko Chahoua

I am so excited to be working with a great collection of pure white collar pine Island chahouas. 

My original animals have all been sourced from some amazing American breeders,

and now the next generation bred here are being added into the collection 

Crested Geckos – Correlophus Ciliatus

Crested geckos were the species that started the gecko obsession for me after being gifted two hatchlings back in 2010.  

These days i keep a small collection including drippy Tri colours, Lilly whites and cappuccinos

Chameleon GeckoEurydactylodes

Eurydactylodes are the newest species to join the collection but these Little geckos with the big personality have quickly become a

favourite!  I’m lucky enough to be keeping E. Symmetricus, E. Occidentals, E. Vieillardi, E. Agricolae. 

Bavayia Robusta

A fairly uncommon gecko in captivity is the robust forest Bavayia. 

Very new to my collection. I’m looking forward to working with the species in the future 


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