Extreme Harlequin Tri Colour (V4)

Extreme Harlequin Tri Colour (V4) Extreme Harlequin Tri Colour (V4)
Price: £240
Sex: Unsexed
Weight: 4g
Lineage: Vegas x Verve

Beautiful unsexed extreme harlequin As you can see has plenty of cream on the sides already & white spots are just starting to appear. Last time i paired the adults they made outstanding creamy drippy babie. I have no doubt these babies will be the same if they are already looking like this at this size.

You really shouldn’t wait on buying babies from this pairing From Vegas x Verve Pairing

Unsexed 4g Eating well on Pangea Courier can be arranged at buyers expense.

Please feel free to Message me for any more details

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